Our story really began in 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic hit the United States.

We know this sounds a little cliche, but it's true. With a combined passion of essential oils and the medical field, we knew that there was some serious work to be done to bridge the gap between the two seemingly opposing fields.

During this year, we truly began to realize how corrupted the essential oil industry was. We wanted to make a change but we weren't sure how. So we began at the source. A trustworthy resource, to be exact.


Our vision and values, first and foremost, center around Christ. We truly believe God gave us both essential oils and modern medicine as gifts, and we believe they should both be used to our advantage. We will never claim that essential oils can totally replace modern medicine, but we do understand that aromatherapy can be an incredible supplementary program to be used in conjunction with PCP's, Clinical Counselors, Chiropractors, and so many more medical professionals!

Our team is dedicated to helping people in all sorts of ways, both within Ampersand Essentials and in their full time jobs: in Clinical Counseling, Nursing, and Teaching. By working together, we have created a company where you can go to get a trustworthy resource, to find incredible products that really can work for you, and unmatched customer service. We hope and pray that your health and well-being will shine and improve beyond your wildest dreams!


Hello there! My name is Michelle Johnson and I have been using essential oils since 2017.

I was first drawn to the world of essential oils and aromatherapy by our Director of Social Interactions, Alaina! She opened my eyes to how many chemicals and toxins there were in the candles I was using around my home, and the shock of that reality stuck with me. I was all in.

I truly love essential oils because they impact each and every person differently. While some people may get discouraged about this, I love to dive into research and see what will work best for our next client! I also have a passion for essential oil research, which I study on a regular basis. I hope to be able to begin distilling my own essential oils in the near future as well! 

michelle JOHNSON




Hello there! My name is Gaby and I have been using essential oils since 2015.

I started using essential oils because I was looking for a healthier alternative to candles and now love implementing them in my health, beauty, and cleaning routines! I was first drawn to essential oils because I am passionate about living more sustainably and limiting exposure to unnecessary chemicals. I also work as a clinical mental health counselor, so I was drawn to oils for their mood enhancing properties and ability to help myself and clients.​

When offered the opportunity to join the Ampersand Marketing Team, I was thrilled to help promote products and a mission that I wholeheartedly believe in. I love Ampersand and wanted to join the marketing team because I am passionate about supporting small businesses and love working for a company that has such high integrity.




Hello there! My name is Alaina and I have been using essential oils since 2017.

I was drawn to essential oils because, when I was living at home after college, my dad complained about the scent candles created in the house so he didn't want them around. I wanted to make my room smell nice, and when I learned that my friends were using essential oils, I thought I would give them a shot. I ended up loving them!

Michelle has been one of my best friends since college and I really wanted to support her in her small business venture. When she offered me the opportunity to join the Ampersand Marketing Team, I was excited to be able to help her in any way I could.

I love Ampersand because their products are really high quality, affordable, and actually work. Michelle runs her business honestly and with a heart for the Lord, both of which are difficult to find in the world today.




Hello there! My name is Jenny and I have been using essential oils since 2019.

I was drawn to essential oils to help with my one dog's separation anxiety. We had tried everything with her and decided to diffuse a calm blend in our diffuser. When we got home, she was not barking like crazy but instead was totally relaxed. That's when I new my love for essential oils had started!


I love Ampersand Essentials because of the focus on putting quality ingredients in their products. Quality is key, especially when looking for products that are safe for our family with multiple dogs and loads of allergies! When offered the opportunity to join the Ampersand Marketing Team, I wanted to join because I love sharing about products I love, and I LOVE Ampersand Essentials' products. Social media is one of the best ways to showcase products we all love and I cannot wait to market these amazing products and everything Ampersand Essentials stands for.









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