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Have you been struggling with side effects of your mental health medication? Have you been feeling depressed or anxious because of the "winter blues"? Have you been thinking about getting more information about alternative medicine options for sleep support, allergies, or anything else?

You've come to the right place! Ampersand Essentials Aromatherapy is taking new clients!

So how does all of this work? It's super easy! By clicking the button below, you can book a FREE consultation with our owner Michelle who is an internationally Registered and Certified Aromatherapist. We will go through the history of our company, what we offer, pricing, and how to get started! We have a bunch of different options that can be made customizable based on your needs and financial situation.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are NOT doctors - we CANNOT and WILL NOT be diagnosing, treating, or curing any disease. If you have concerns about your current medication or need emergency care, please contact your Primary Care Physician.

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