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Director of Marketing

DoT Compliance Expert

Cat Lover

Hello there! My name is Cami and I have been using essential oils since 2015.

I started using essential oils because I am passionate about supporting my body in a more holistic approach. Because my body detoxes differently than most people, I wanted to limit toxins in my home and hated the yucky ingredients in candles. Helping balance my mood was another huge thing for me!

When offered the opportunity to join the Ampersand Team, I was thrilled to help market their essential oils and products all over the nation. Working for a company that sources their oils straight from their partner farms without any middle-men was huge for me and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Practicing what they preach and being fully transparent means the world to me, and knowing that I can't get better quality anywhere else made me feel really good about working here. It helps that the entire team is amazing too!

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