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Vineyard Church of Delaware County, or VCDC for short, is a church located in Sunbury, Ohio. It was first founded in 2002 by pastors Danny and Penny Meyer. Their vision was to create an environment for sustaining community and simply serving others in any way they could. They wanted to be a light to others and to encourage them, meeting them exactly where they were in their lives.

In 2016, VCDC transitioned to their current Lead Pastor Michael Hansen. Serving the community of Sunbury and surrounding areas has always been a passion of Michael's, so having a food pantry and medical clinic was a wonderful way to meet the physical needs of people around them.

Our founder Michelle and her family attend VCDC regularly, with their daughter Ella Grace being involved in children's ministry, as well as both Michelle and Joe being involved in small groups. After seeing the immense need of the communities around VCDC, they sought out information for volunteering side by side in the food pantry and medical clinic.

However, with tight and ever-changing schedules, Michelle and Joe quickly realized that they wouldn't be able to volunteer for these ministries in person. Joe was very disappointed because with a background and degree in medicine, he was really looking forward to serving his community in this way.

As Ampersand Essentials began the process of adding candles to our product line, we realized that we needed to make an impact on more than just shoppers for the holiday season, and we wanted to continue to do so afterwards. The Bible verse Matthew 5:14-16 kept running through Michelle's mind and she wouldn't rest until she figured out what it meant. It wasn't until we began to dig deeper into our candle line that she realized she wanted to create a sub-label for the candles, now called Lamp + Light.

In order to make an impact on the communities and people around us, we are dedicated to donating 10% of proceeds to the Vineyard Church of Delaware County's Food Pantry & Medical Clinic. You can see our current and past donations here in our public Google Drive folder:

If you would like to learn more about VCDC's Food Pantry & Medical clinic, you can click here or head to their website at

If you would like to learn more about Vineyard Church of Delaware County, their history, and what they believe, you can visit their website here.