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Columbus, OH

Orphan World Relief, or OWR for short, was first founded by Doug Riggle in 2008 when he witnessed first hand the impact of homeless children in Ukraine. The experience rocked his world, and upon returning to the United States, he conducted more research and found the ever-growing numbers of children who needed homes.

The purpose of OWR is "to inspire and connect passionate people who meet the real needs of kids around the world".

One of the things that drew us to OWR was their transparent intentions in stating their Core Values. They believe in an authentic faith that compels us to serve others, and this is one of our values as an aromatherapy business.

They also understand and believe that the orphan crisis around the world is important enough that it cannot be ignored any longer. Something must be done to save children around the globe and help lead them to better lives, whatever that may look like, in any culture. They have a goal of creating community and long-lasting relationships that can impact children and people for the entirety of their lives.

We decided to partner with OWR because we wanted our business to make a global impact and further the Kingdom of God in some meaningful way. Therefore, we pledge to donate 10% of our proceeds every single month to Orphan World Relief, in an effort to help decrease the number of children in foster care and to help get children adopted! You can see our donation receipts and statements as we submit them here:

Our passion for this mission came when our founder Michelle first heard of OWR at her local church, Linworth Road Church. Doug Riggle, the founder of OWR, is a member of her church and is very active and engaged in sharing the mission of OWR with the church. Michelle was adopted when she was born, and she believes it completely changed the course of her life. Because of this connection, she has grown her love for OWR to partnering with them in her business.

Ampersand Essentials Aromatherapy has also agreed to donate gift boxes each year for OWR's annual Silent Auction and Benefit Dinner, hosted in Columbus, Ohio. You can find Michelle attending in person each year in the efforts to continue her support with this incredible charity organization.

If you would like more information on Orphan World Relief, visit their website at