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We pride ourselves in changing the definition of transparency in the essential oil industry. How do we do that? By sharing our GC/MS reports, our partner farms, AND only partnering with small business farmers to ensure truly sustainable farming practices are always incorporated.



Canadian Flora Essential Oils is a beautiful essential oil farm located right in the heart of the Canadian forest in Manitoba. The farm is owned by Jena McKee and her family.

Canadian Flora is dedicated to sustainable farming and takes it even further by coordinating all of their forestry harvesting with the national forestry in Canada to ensure none of their efforts effect nature! They harvest in small batches and are just starting to break into American markets. They will be supplying our Black Spruce essential oil and are very excited to connect with each and every one of you that purchase their oil!

Click the Read More button to learn more about Canadian Flora Essential Oils, their farm, and how everything is made and distilled.

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