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If you landed on this page, you are most likely looking to learn more about essential oils and using them in your every day life, right?

Can I start by saying thank you for at least taking the step in doing your research? It's a much bigger step than you realize!

Most people who hear about toxin-free, chemical-free, or all-natural living are almost immediately turned off because they are afraid it's either going to be too expensive or too difficult to achieve.

Well guess what? You've actually come to the right place! My goal in this mentorship program is being dedicated to you, being available to you, and making sure the process isn't at all daunting for you like it was for me.

Are you ready to learn more? Keep reading to find out what all this mentorship program entails! Trust me, it's worth it!


Our mentorship program is solely focused on you, the individual. We walk with you each step of the way as you make conscious decisions to live an all-natural lifestyle. There are many facets, avenues, and ways to do this! Here are just a few:

  • Replacing bathroom products with all natural, chemical free products

  • Replacing cleaning products with safe, chemical free products

  • Replacing shampoo and haircare products

  • Removing candles from your home and replacing them with either essential oil diffusers or only 100% beeswax candles

  • Using makeup that is chemical and synthetic ingredient free

Now, I know that sounds like a lot, and I'll be honest with you: I am not perfect in every single one of those areas! Living an all-natural lifestyle truly is a process, and you don't have to be perfect when doing it!


This is why mentorship is such an important part of this journey. We are here to help you, but without all the judgement, helicopter parenting, and micromanaging that comes with so many other groups and organizations.


There are so many benefits to signing up for our mentorship program! Like I said before, there are no monthly fees (as of right now!) to join our team and be a part of our program. However, this may be changing soon, so don't delay if you're even at all interested!


I'll be straight and real with you: our mentorship program is based on joining our team with Young Living Essential Oils. But before you get all cringy, let me tell you more about it! I promise you, it is NOT what you have heard or learned about in the past. Seriously, I'm not kidding. And no, I'm not asking you to "do the business" with me. That's just icky.


Let me give you a little peace of mind: as a Certified Aromatherapist, it's literally my job to do research on all the different essential oil brands out there to determine what is pure, what is trustworthy, and what is best for me to use with my clients. It's been a long road filled with ups and downs, a lot of money I frankly wasted, and tons of heartbreak as I learned more about companies than I should have, yet educated me in making my decisions.

So here's the point: there are a bunch of benefits to joining my mentorship program, and there is NEVER any pressure to do the business, to live a certain way, or feel guilty about making certain decisions that may be best for your family. Here's what I'm talking about:

  • 24/7 Access to me to ask questions and get advice!

  • Monthly mentorship calls to see how you're doing (can even be more if you like!)

  • 24% discount on ALL products if you do one of the following:

    • place a $100+ order​

    • sign up for our Subscribe to Save program (more on that later!)

  • Points back towards FREE PRODUCTS!

  • FREE PRODUCTS the more you spend!

  • Learning how to grow in your all-natural lifestyle without the judgement, shame or frustration


There are seriously so many ways to learn how to live an all-natural lifestyle, and this is why it can get incredibly overwhelming when you're first starting out. That is literally why I created this mentorship program! I was super overwhelmed and scared when I first started, and I NEVER want that to happen to you!


We go at your own pace, learn as quickly or as slowly as you want, and we can chat and zoom call whenever you like!


So here's the best part: when you sign up with Young Living through me and start your mentorship program with me, you don't have to purchase a Premium Starter Kit anymore! Young Living has COMPLETELY rebranded everything they did before so now I can create bundles and kits for you completely based on your needs AND YOUR BUDGET!


You know what that means? You can actually afford to live an all-natural lifestyle now. It meets your lifestyle pace, your budget, and your needs. What more could ya want?? 

Oh, but trust me. There is SO. MUCH. MORE. The Subscribe to Save program gives you full control over what you spend, and even how often you order! You can choose between recurring orders every one, two, or three months, which is awesome! And there are no minimums!

You can also participate in the Loyalty Rewards program, where if you order every single month and order at least $50 worth of products, you can start earning points towards FREE PRODUCTS! AND, depending on how much you spend each month on your Subscribe to Save order, you can even earn FREE PRODUCTS on top of that!

Y'all, I'm not kidding you when I say that HALF of my current inventory came from participating in these programs. They are SO WORTH IT!

wow! how do i sign up? is it hard?

Young Living just updated their enrollment system as well, and it is SO  MUCH EASIER than it was before! You can actually head over to my personal website by clicking the link below, and you can choose one of my custom bundles that meets your needs! And guess what? If you don't see something that meets your needs, I can make you one that fits your budget! We can talk back and forth about what you are looking for and how much you're willing to spend, and BOOM! Bundle created!

The possibilities of truly customizable bundles are endless. Here are some examples of what I'm offering right now!

  • Makeup Bundles

  • Skincare Bundles

  • Travel-Safe Bundles

  • Emotional Well-Being Bundles

  • Everyday Oils Bundles

  • Pet-Safe Bundles

  • All-Natural Cleaning Bundles

  • Diffuser Bundles


Just remember this: putting your health and your family's health first is worth it. It's worth investing in, no matter what that looks like.

Ready to get started? Simply text me at 614-935-8713 and we can talk about your options! I can't wait to meet you and help you get started on your journey to all-natural living!