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our candles help fight human trafficking.

for every candle sold, we donate 10% of the sale to hart & oak, a non-profit here in columbus, ohio.

We live in a world that doesn't look promising for our children. Everywhere we turn, we hear more stories about human trafficking busts, rescues and statistics of increased cases. The awareness is going up, which is great, but what are we actually doing to solve the problem realistically?


We first met Evan a couple years back at a church conference and almost instantly became friends. Over time, we've kept very close and recently Evan started a non-profit private security company called Hart & Oak. Hart & Oak's mission is to get right on the ground and partner with other non-profits to rescue victims of human trafficking. They go to places like airports and known locations for common trafficking pick-ups and rescue victims, no matter their age or gender. They then bring them to safe houses and help them recover and develop back into society.

Our owner Michelle is a mom of a young daughter and wanted to ensure that this problem isn't something she needs to deal with as she gets older. By partnering with Evan and Hart & Oak, she knew that Ampersand would help make a tangible difference not only in the life of her daughter, but in families and children all over Ohio.

You can learn more about Hart & Oak and their mission by clicking the link below. You can also contact Evan directly if you want to submit a tip or sighting by emailing him at

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