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Hello! Can we just take a second to say how GLAD we are that you are here? WELCOME!


Ampersand Essentials was first founded in 2020 by our owner Michelle (pictured in the center), but it didn't stay that way for long! As the demand for our products grew, Michelle quickly added on our marketing team - Jenny (left) and Gaby (right)! We started Ampersand because we wanted to create more pure products that didn't cost an arm and a leg.


We also wanted to redefine the word "pure" in retail. We get it - there are a bunch of companies out there that claim their products are "pure" and "all-natural", but when you look on the ingredient list, why can't we understand what all the ingredients mean? And that's where Ampersand was born - out of a sense that all people should be able to easily identify and understand every single ingredient on the back of a product they want to buy.

As we began crafting our products, we knew we wanted to use only pure essential oils to scent everything. However, with all the essential oil companies out there, we weren't sure which company to trust. We tried multiple different brands, but they all left us disappointed. So how did we solve the problem? We created our own!

We partner with small business essential oil farmers from all over the world to source our essential oils straight from their native habitats. Did you know it's been chemically proven that when plants are grown and harvested in their native lands, they actually create MORE PURE essential oils? So cool!

We also do our part to participate in sustainable farming by choosing essential oil farmers that are dedicated to sustainable essential oil harvesting - this means they ONLY harvest once a year, during peak harvesting times. They also are the ones that determine their own pricing - we trust our farmers to do their own research on current market trends and allow them to price in order to put food on their own tables and provide for their families!

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