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Meet The Team

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Jenny Clemans

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Social Media Marketing Specialist

Early Childhood Teacher

Wine Connoisseur

Hello there! My name is Jenny and I have been using essential oils since 2019.

I was drawn to essential oils to help with my one dog's separation anxiety. We had tried everything with her and decided to diffuse a calm blend in our diffuser. When we got home, she was not barking like crazy but instead was totally relaxed. That's when I new my love for essential oils had started!


I love Ampersand Essentials because of the focus on putting quality ingredients in their products. Quality is key, especially when looking for products that are safe for our family with multiple dogs and loads of allergies! When offered the opportunity to join the Ampersand Marketing Team, I wanted to join because I love sharing about products I love, and I LOVE Ampersand Essentials' products. Social media is one of the best ways to showcase products we all love and I cannot wait to market these amazing products and everything Ampersand Essentials stands for.

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