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Summer months in the United States are filled with sunshine, hot temperatures, and lots of outdoor activities. Whether you’re a parent, a teenager, kid or adult, using essential oils during summer is a great way to keep your mood up, enjoy the amazing smells of the season, and have a good time! But which essential oils are the best for summer? Let’s find out!

Essential oils are super potent volatile liquids that are extracted from plant parts like leaves, branches, bark, roots, stems, and flowers. They have extremely complicated chemical makeups, which is why they are so cool! And get this - did you know that because of their chemical structure, essential oils actually have the capability of altering their structure in order to interact with your body in the way it needs it most? This is why some essential oils work for some, but not for others!

Essential oils that are often thought of during the summer are citrus oils, like the following:

The reason why these essential oils are so often thought of during summer months is because many of these fruits are harvested and are readily available during the season. Lemonade and fragrances completely saturate the retail industry because of this too - making it even easier to think of them!

But what other essential oils can be great during summer months? Essential oils that keep your mood and mind in good spirits are great, like the following:

These essential oils all have affinities to the mind and emotional state, which means they target the mind more strongly than other areas of the body. Peppermint is great for an energy boost. Eucalyptus is great for energy, uplifting moods, and helping with allergies and respiratory issues. Black Spruce is also great for allergies and respiratory issues, but is also great for helping to balance mood. Frankincense is great for meditation and grounding, and lemongrass is a great uplifting essential oil.


While there are a ton of benefits to using citrus essential oils during the summer, there are a couple of safety tips when using them, especially when going out in the sun for long periods of time. This is because citrus oils are photosensitive - this means that when these essential oils are exposed to sunlight, they interact with the UV rays of the sun and can react and cause chemical burns on your skin. That’s why the following safety tips are super important if you want to use citrus oils on your skin:

  1. If you prefer to use essential oils undiluted, or else very lightly diluted, stay out of sunlight for 12-24 hours. This will help you avoid any skin reactions that may occur during the day.

  2. ALWAYS highly dilute your citrus oils - we suggest 1 drop of essential oil per 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (like avocado or jojoba oil). This dilution is a 0.5% ratio.

  3. Do not apply citrus essential oils to your skin if you have highly sensitive skin or are allergic to citrus based fruits.

  4. Do not apply citrus oils to young children’s skin before going out into the sun.

  5. ALWAYS wear sunscreen if you choose to use citrus oils.


If you really want to use citrus essential oils during the summer, we have two suggestions: either use them at night in a bath or massage oil before going to bed, or dilute HEAVILY with a carrier oil that is friendly to the sun (like jojoba oil!). We also recommend that if you are using citrus oils in your own facial or body care products, make sure you apply sunscreen or SPF every two hours to prevent skin reactions. We also suggest testing a small patch of your skin (like the inside of your wrist) before applying all over your body. This can help determine how sensitive your skin is, and how diluted you should make your lotions, massage oils, and bath salts!


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Stay safe, and happy summer!


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